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Our Brides


Claudia: A KYHA Bride


Claudia Mancini






Coombe Yarra Valley


Anthony and I met at Bond bar in the city at my uncle's 40th birthday. Anthony was a friend of my uncle's, and I approached him that night! Our families have known each other for a long time. However we had never met. We have been inseparable since the day we met. I still pinch myself that we met that night as I couldn't imagine doing life with anyone else.


Our wedding planner recommended KYHA Studios, I fell in love with the studio and the whole vibe. My mum and I felt so comfortable when we met Kyha and knew she could bring my vision to life.


We always dreamed of getting married in Italy and having a European summer wedding. However due to Covid and realising it would be hard to get all of our guests over there, we decided to bring Italy to us. Through having a big Italian Amalfi coast-themed wedding in Victoria.


We wanted the room to burst with colour and make our guests feel like they were overseas. Every table had its own unique setting and different flowers. We wanted our guests to not know where to look, and be amazed at all the colours.


Having a wedding planner! They were so amazing and did absolutely everything to perfection. They made our dream and vision come to life, I couldn't imagine planning a wedding without one. They took the stress out of our hands, it felt like a breeze. The Style Co. had all the fantastic contacts and that's how I found Kyha.

Another non-negotiable was having plenty of food and drinks at our wedding. We have been to many weddings where there wasn't enough food, so we made sure this was a priority, especially because both our families are Italian.


Walking down the aisle, seeing Anthony and the whole backdrop. It felt so surreal. I loved seeing Anthony see me in my dress for the first time, as I told him I was going for a completely different look. He told me he was stunned, loved my dress so much, loved the gloves, and was definitely lost for words.


We left two days after our wedding to go to The Caribbean and Mexico. We wanted to go to a place we both haven't been before and where we probably won't go when we have kids as it was so far! We had the best time, it was so amazing to be able to travel again. I recommend going straight away as we both were on such a high the whole time.


Take everything in as much as possible because the day goes by so fast.

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride


Dress: I knew I always wanted to feel like a princess on my wedding day as its the only time I think you can be! I showed Kyha some inspiration photos and together with Mum's help as well, we came up with the most amazing dress. The gloves were a must as I knew they were different and I hadnt really seen anyone wear gloves like that before. I couldnt be happier with my dress, it was like a dream.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo. As soon as I saw these shoes, I knew they had to be my wedding shoe. I feel they suited the dress so much!

Jewelry: I kept the jewellery very simple as I didnt want to take much away from the dress. I wore a tennis bracelet over my gloves and little pearl earrings to match my shoes.

Hair & Makeup: I had my hair half up half down as I thought it would suit the princess vibe. I also had natural dewy makeup as Im not one to go over the top.

Bridesmaids Dresses: As the ceremony was in the Italian garden at Coombe, I thought it would be nice to have my bridesmaids in olive green. The dresses were from One Fell Swoop.

Wedding Planner: The Style Co.

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride

Claudia: A KYHA Bride


Wedding Planner: The Style Co @thestyleco

Location: Yarra Valley

Venue: Coombe Yarra Valley @coombeyarravalley

Florist: Superbloom by The Style Co @superbloom.bythestyleco

Photographer: Erin & Tara @erinandtara

Videographer: Humdrum @humdrumfilms

Celebrant: Shura

Caterer: The Style Co @thesyleco

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