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Our Brides


Gigi: A KYHA Bride


Georgia Myer, although everyone calls me Gigi.


Well, we have three (technically). I wonder if that means we can celebrate three anniversaries a year? We signed the paperwork on the 19th of November 2021. We held an intimate ceremony and reception on the 15th of January 2022 and followed on the next day with a larger cocktail celebration on the 16th of January 2022. There is some debate amongst Ed and I as to which date is the actual anniversary. I'll let you all make up your own minds.




A private family home that has been cherished for 100 years located in Toorak, Victoria.


We were set up on a blind date! Our gorgeous mutual friend Elliot Garnaut was the mastermind. He and I used to work together, whilst he and Ed were longtime close friends.

I was 7 months out from my last relationship and hadn't been on a date yet. Ed had spotted me on Elliots instagram a few times and EJ decided that it was about time that we were introduced / I got back out there. Elliots logic for the introduction was that we were both super nice, single people.

It was 2019, we met for cocktails at a bar named 1806 and followed on with dinner at Bar Margaux. The night was effortless and filled with great banter and chemistry. We went on our second date the very next day, opting for a walk in the rain with the dogs.

Ed proposed to me on his 30th birthday whilst out riding our horses on the Mornington Peninsula.It was a complete surprise and truthfully I spent the remainder of the next week trying to catch up with everything that had unfolded. We spent the weekend celebrating with family and friends.


Originally Ed and I decided on a 50 person wedding (which grew to 80). We wanted just our nearest and dearest. That really set the tone for me in terms of a dress. I had a hunch that I wanted a fabulous mini dress. I had a few inspirations, most of which harked back to cocktail dresses from the 50's and 60's. Although I loved the structure of a few Chanel dresses I had seen in the past.


We cared more about the feeling of the day than we did about the exact decor. Our words of inspiration to the Big Group were "we want everyone to leave feeling like they've just been on a great first date with us." I guess our own first dates in a lot of ways played as the inspiration. We were very lucky to host the night at Cranlana. The house itself was also a huge inspiration as we lent into its historic and charming aesthetic.


For the ceremony, we opted for a garden wedding, with the front entrance to the house as the main backdrop. We wanted the florals to be complementary and understated. As for the reception, that was held inside the house. Again, we wanted the charm of the house to be the main focus. I'd describe my taste to be more masculine than pretty, so is Ed's. So we worked around the concept of adding palm trees into the wood paneled dining room, whilst keeping the tables free of florals but rather a simple white table cloth and table lamps. A key inspiration for the night was Ralph's Polo Lounge in NYC.


The non negotiables for us were simple, we were adamant that we wanted to bring the house to life, like the parties it has hosted in times gone by. And above all, that feeling I described earlier; we wanted everyone to feel the intimacy of the night and that they had been on a fabulous date with us.


There are so many...

Having Elliot conduct the ceremony for us. Having him, one of our best friends, officiating the ceremony with Saint Laurent love heart sunglasses on was the last word!

A quiet drink with Ed after the ceremony and photos, but before the reception started.

Sitting, laughing on the verandah under a full moon with some of my oldest girlfriends just chatting all things.

Leaving the night with Ed in a taxi, as husband and wife. (That epitomizes us as a couple; up for fun but fundamentally very grounded)

Honestly the whole night was a highlight. It was everything we hoped for.


We left 3 days after our ceremony on a European skiing adventure. We stopped in Switzerland first. Visiting Zurich, Verbier and Arosa. Followed by a week in San Cassiano, skiing the Dolomites, a few days in Venice and then three days of rest in Dubai.


Nobody remembers what the salt and pepper shakers looked like. Focus on the big picture; the mood, how you want people to feel, that's what you and they will remember most.

Gigi: A bespoke KYHA Bride

Gigi: A bespoke KYHA Bride

Gigi: A bespoke KYHA Bride

Gigi: A bespoke KYHA Bride


Dress: Words will never adequately describe my dress and how utterly perfect it is. It is a treasured heirloom for me now. Kyha and her team crafted a dress that surpasses trends. To me it is truly timeless.

In a nutshell though it is a structured mini dress with fluted long sleeves made of Duchess Satin and adorned with statement beading. The Kyha team worked closely with their artisans in India to craft the bespoke beads.

The look was completed with beaded white gloves and a show stopper veil.

Shoes: My shoes too were Duchess Satin slingbacks with jeweled detailing by Aminah Abdul Jillil. @aminahjillil

Jewelry: None, other than my engagement ring and simple gold wedding band. There was no need. The dress was the hero.

Hair + Makeup: I wore my hair up and back in a slick high bun crafted by Karlose James. @Karlosejamessalon

As for makeup I went to the master Chantelle Baker and left her to do her thing. I have known her for many years and trusted her implicitly. @chantellebaker

Bridesmaids Dresses: My bridesmaids wore custom black velvet jumpsuits by my very talented mother in law Fiona Myer at White Story. They were long sleeve, wide leg, with a sexy deep v neckline and cinched in at the waist with a silk tie that simply wrapped and knotted. @white_story

Wedding Planner: Bruce Keebaugh, Steff D'Alberto & Samantha Gilham from The Big Group.

Gigi: A bespoke KYHA Bride

Gigi: A bespoke KYHA Bride

Gigi: A bespoke KYHA Bride


Location: Toorak, Victoria

Venue: Cranlana

Florist: Gina Lasker of @Georgie.boy_

Photographer: Eugene Canty & Ben Jones of @northbrookagency

Videographer: I was determined not to have one of those cheesy, overly romanticized, contrived wedding videos and @northbrookagency delivered.

Celebrant: November '21 @mattfinchcelebrant got us officially married and @elliotgarnaut officiated our ceremony in January '22.

Caterer: @thebiggroupcreative

Cake: None, we opted for a choice of three desserts.

Stationary: Sophie Viska @viskapaper

Other special mentions: Our very supportive families for their support and generosity in helping Ed and I celebrate our love.

I must mention my deep appreciation for the KYHA Studios family. I wouldn't have changed a thing about my experience from beginning to end. I felt seen and heard; and Kyha, along with her exceptionally talented team of artisans worked closely with me to design a dress that embodied me and my style. Nothing speaks more than the feeling I got when I put on my dress and walked down the aisle, feeling authentically like me.

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